Which magnet is the strongest?

imageBefore the holiday, the children learnt all about magnets. We concluded this work today with an investigation to see which magnet (horseshoe, bar or ring) was the strongest.

Which magnet did you find was the strongest? Why do you think this was?


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12 Responses to Which magnet is the strongest?

  1. Isaac says:

    I loved this lesson because we got to play with magnets!


  2. jiale says:

    I loved using the magnets because we got to test them out.


  3. lexie says:

    The strongest was the horse shoe.


  4. Ayaan says:

    i love the lesson when we did stone age paintings


  5. zahra says:

    I think the hors shoe magnet is the strongest.


  6. zaakir says:

    The strongest magnet is the horseshoe.


  7. josh says:

    i loved testing the different magnets!


  8. rumisa says:

    i love doing the magnet because its fun


  9. elliot says:

    I worked with my partner Mahibur to find out about magnets.


  10. Nishi21@robinhoodschoool.co.uk says:

    I loved playing with the magnets.


  11. Nishi21@robinhoodschoool.co.uk says:

    I really liked stone age painting.


  12. hafsa says:

    I loved finding out about the magnets because my partner helped me with finding which is the strongest.


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